Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What Charlotte should do in the offseason

Charlotte is a very young team and has only been in existance for three years, so that could be why they are a bad team. However, they are trying to build their team like the Chicago Bulls did once Michael Jordan left. They are bringing in winners. Currently they have drafted three national champion players in the first round in Emeka Okafor, Raymond Felton, and Sean May. This is why I expect them to take either Al Horford or Corey Brewer with their first round pick (#8 overall) this year. These two spent their last two years at Florida winning the national championship both years. They know what it takes to win.
For the free agency period, the Bobcats have one real weakness, power forward. Sean May is their power forward, but he has been injured a lot and I think that he is better suited as a backup. The Bobcats' number one priority is to resign rising star Gerald Wallace, but I expect them to not be able to do so because Wallace is very versitile and talented and can fill up a stat sheet (trust me, he was on my fantasy team). This could give him a rich contract and just about every team would love to add him to their roster. Charlotte can also sign Okafor, Felton, and May to extensions this year. May is rumored to be traded this summer, and I think he will be, but I still think the Bobcats will extend all three of these players this offseason because they all contribute when healthy and Okafor and Felton are essential to the team's future success.

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