Sunday, June 10, 2007

What Sacramento should do in the offseason

The Sacramento Kings missed the playoffs for the fisrst time since the 1997-98 season this year. On paper, they don't seem to have a bad team and had they been in the Eastern Conference, I think they would have made the playoffs this year with a nucleus of Mike Bibby, Kevin Martin, and Ron Artest. Brad Miller, a key player, was injured for most of the year and never did find his form.
The Kings need to draft a good big man this year. Their best players are all smaller players and with a high pick in this year's deep draft, they could easily get someone who can contribute at either power forward or center. Also, with this great draft year, the Kings could trade it for more depth and veterans.
Mike Bibby was nearly traded at this year's deadline to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the Kings refrained because Cleveland did not give up enough. Especially with this year's supporting cast, I expect the Cavaliers to make another big push at acquiring Bibby. Cleveland will probably have to part with either Daniel Gibson or Drew Gooden and draft picks. As long as Cleveland can give LeBron James some reliable help, I think anyone is available but LeBron for trading.

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