Monday, May 14, 2007

Earl Wins Survivor: Fiji, Dreamz Keeps Immunity

Earl Cole, an ad executive from Kansas City, won Survivor: Fiji last night after a stunning decesion by fellow castaway, "Dreamz" Herd. After winning a reward challenge for a car, Yau-Man Chan, the most popular player on this season or Survivor, won a truck. He offered to give the truck in exchange for immunity in the final four in Dreamz won immunity. They both managed to reach the final four and Dreamz beat out Yau-Man in a challenge in which the four remaining castaways had to hang from barrels that had water pouring out of them. After debating about it during tribal council, Dreamz decided to keep his immunity necklace, saying that he would not make it to the final three without it. Once Dreamz told the remaining castaways his decestion, Earl, Cassandra Franklin, and himself voted out Yau-Man probably because they all knew that they would not stand a chance against him in the final vote.

Once Yau-Man was voted off, that pretty much sealed the deal for Earl's big payday. The jury, who decides who the winner is every season, pummeled Dreamz with questions about his broken promise to Yau-Man and his integrity. Cassandra was probably known as the person who coasted along in the minds of the jury, so the obvious choice for the champion was Earl, who was the first Survivor winner in history to win a unanimous decesion by the jury.

In my opinion, if Dreamz gave up his immunity necklace, he would have been voted out. However, crazy things happen in Survivor and maybe the other three would have voted for someone other than him. If that were the case, I think Yau-Man would have won, but Dreamz would have gotten a lot more respect and might have even won.

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