Saturday, May 12, 2007

Should the Heat trade Shaq?

Recently, there have been some rumors about the Miami Heat trading Shaquille O'Neal, their fading star center. Currently, O'Neal ranks among the highest paid players in the NBA, making $20 million a year. Is this kind of salary for a good center who played just forty games in the 06-07 season and is 35 years old really worth it? The New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks could give the Heat something decent, especially since the Knicks still have Isiah Thomas as their GM, and the Mavericks are probably trying to shake up their roster after two straight heartbreaking playoff series losses. Also, if the Heat trade O'Neal for someone with an expiring contract and a first round pick, they could give superstar guard Dwyane Wade some help five years down the road when over half of the Heat's current rotation could be retired. When asked whether or not the rumors are true about trading O'Neal, Pat Riley, the Heat's GM said, "Amongst growing speculation in the media, in reference to Shaq, I want to set the record straight and say that we are not trading Shaq," This seems like Riley is setting the record straight, and O'Neal did lead the Heat to a title in 2006, but I have seen crazier things happen.

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