Monday, May 28, 2007

What Boston Should do this offseason

The Boston Celtics, like the Memphis Grizzlies, were the big losers of the NBA Draft Lottery. Of course, under the non-lottery system, the Celtics and Grizzlies would have had a coin flip to see who pick number one and who gets to pick number two. Unfortunately for both, that was not the case. Instead, the Celtics draft fifth this year. A decade ago, the Celtics had a 36% chance of getting the #1 pick and Tim Duncan and they lost that year too.
In this year's draft, I expect the Celtics to trade the pick to a team that is willing to give them a couple of good, experienced veterans to teach the young Celtics how to win. Maybe a deal with Portland for Zach Randolph and Jarrett Jack will help out them. After all, Sebastian Telfair is most likely out and Jack would step right in as starting point guard.
The Celtics will also probably need to have some major changes, beginning with getting rid of Telfair. The Celtics will probably release him if they cannot find a team who wants to trade for the troubled point guard. Also, don't be shocked if Paul Pierce gets traded. I know that this hasn't been publicised, but Pierce is probably frusturated in Boston and he is deserving to be on a championship team. Miami could potentially be interested, as would the Knicks if Pierce makes himself available. I also could see a major trade happen involving some of the Celtics younger players to get Pierce some help right now. If this were to happen, Delonte West, Rajon Rondo, or Ryan Gomes could be gone. Either way, I expect a busy offseason for the Celtics.
A lot of their problems are from blunders by general manager Danny Ainge. During last year's draft and earlier this year, he had the chance to get Allen Iverson in a trade. To get him, the Celtics just had to package a couple of their younger players and the #7 pick of last year's draft for the current Nuggets star. Instead, Ainge traded the pick for Telfair. That #7 overall pick could have given them Rookie of the Year Brandon Roy. Instead, it just gave the Celtics another bust and trade bait for this offseason.

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